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Libertin is a genre bending film based on Konstantin Arnold’s “Letters from Lisbon” starring Mariana Monteiro, Beatriz Barosa and Konstantin Arnold as himself.  


In search of himself a young German author is drawn to Lisbon. He roams the city looking for inspiration in every corner. Streets, squares, and cafés become exterior images of an interior world. In the process of writing his first book, he is ready to venture to the very limits of his imagination. A journey from “becoming” to “being”, that starts restlessly, unfolding in pure passion and leading to destructive doubts until a literal epiphany turns the author's world upside down.

The short is inspired by the book “Libertin - Briefe aus Lissabon” published via Proof Verlag Erfurt in December 2020. It is adapted for the screen by writer/director Pascal Thieret.


Pascal and a small Crew went to Lisbon in spring of 2019 to shoot some selected scenes for the trailer. Now, we are looking to set up financing for the actual film. We are still looking for supporters for this project. 


If you are interested, please contact us via: //


I see "Libertin - Letters From Lisbon" as an eulogy to life. To live the true, real life that could never be written in a single story. Rather moments that are explained with meaning through their form.


A form that has created content that is not intended to show what it is like to live in Lisbon, but what it is like to be a specific person in Lisbon. Excerpts seduce the action instead of betraying it through whole depictions. It requires the viewer to become a part of the film within himself and to fill the resulting space with his own essence, towards an overall picture.


It’s about the emotion and memories of the artist, his inner world. A world that I hope is able to inspire and artistically empower people around the globe.

“Lissabon ist Parnass, Sitz der Musen, eine Libertin in der Brandung”.
Konstantin Arnold

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